Zones of Avoidance

~ a multimedia live literature production written and performed by poet Maggie Sawkins & directed by Mark C. Hewitt

End of winter tour


The autumn / winter tour of Zones of Avoidance ended with a celebrated performance to a packed house at The Cellars in Eastney, Portsmouth, on Weds 22 January. Here’s feedback from a member of the  audience.

“It hit me in the heart and made me cry. I think that Maggie Sawkins has achieved something here that demonstrates her prowess and ability as someone that can take the grueling realities of addiction and mental health illness and make that into art of the highest calibre. Her poetry and performance are disturbing, beautiful and poignant all at once. We go from the dingy, grim room of a bedsit to the shingle of Southsea and then float up to the stars in the night sky and it all feels perfectly right.” (Anna Barzotti – writer)

To hear about further performances, join Maggie’s facebook page.


2 thoughts on “End of winter tour

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  2. Zones of Avoidance, written and performed by Maggie Sawkins, is a moving and honest representation of motherhood. A unique portrayal of loss, the piece also depicts a sense of universal grief. Yet an element of hope is present, as we become aware of a continuing future following the birth of a new life. The use of film, video and straightforward reading, all combine to produce a piece of performance which succeeds in conveying a frightening and harrowing narrative, without resorting to despair. A major achievement!

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