Zones of Avoidance

~ a multimedia live literature production written and performed by poet Maggie Sawkins & directed by Mark C. Hewitt

New reviews, interviews & audience feedback

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Review by Colin Hambrook, writer and disability arts activist

“Winner of the 2014 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry, Zones of Avoidance is haunting, creating a resonance with my own life struggles. The words within Zones of Avoidance speak to the largely buried, impossible plight of thousands of families from all walks of life, up and down the country.

The performance tells a Mother’s story of her daughter’s struggles with drug addiction and contextualises her story with recorded interviews with other illegal substance-users, conveying a sense of what it is that drives an individual to the depths of self-destruction.

… But above all the poetic language in Zones of Avoidance is sublime, superbly crafted and immensely moving. At its most powerful it helps us reimagine our cultural landscape and question how things could be?”

Read the full review here »

Online review by William Sutton of performance in Portsmouth on 30 October 2014 »

Online interview with Maggie Sawkins on Write Out Loud »

& more audience feedback

‘… wonderful … one of the most moving, thought-provoking things I’ve seen.’

“I’ve never been so affected by a poetry performance as I was during this one. It was so beautifully haunting, honest, and devastating – I hung on every word, image and sound, fighting back the tears.”


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