Zones of Avoidance

~ a multimedia live literature production written and performed by poet Maggie Sawkins & directed by Mark C. Hewitt

About the director

Mark C. Hewitt is a writer, theatremaker and director.

As a director, he specialises in making original new work, particularly live literature and multimedia productions. Other works created since 2009 include Dementia Diaries by Maria Jastrzebska (LLL Productions, 2009/2011); Weight: three stories about secrets by Catherine Smith (LLL Productions, 2010); Puff by John Agard (Crosspath, 2013); Learning to See by visually impaired storyteller Liz Porter (Portertales, 2014); Dora vs Picasso by Grace Nichols (Crosspath, 2015), This is always the result by Gus Watcham (2015); Roll Over Atlantic by John Agard (Crosspath, 2015), Diving into the Wreck (Tongues & Grooves, 2016) and Black Curtain: a Public Sharing of a New Work by a Disgraced Writer via an Actor Trapped in the Theatre by Neil Noon (2017).

As a writer, his café play, The Revenge Fantasy Club, was nominated for the Best New Play Award at Brighton Fringe 2013. He has collaborated on a number of productions with composer Peter Copley, including scrublands (2012), a multimedia site-specific performance with live music for string sextet; and Expiry tbc (2013), for looped cello and live and recorded voices. He is currently developing a new work for theatre with music by Norwegian sampling percussionist, Thomas Strønen.

His various collaborative activities include the use of text in public art. He is founder and Artistic Director of LLL Productions (a live literature production company) and Blank Productions (focused on interdisciplinary collaborations). He also co-founded Crosspath (intercultural performing arts company) with poets John Agard and Grace Nichols. |  |



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