Zones of Avoidance

~ a multimedia live literature production written and performed by poet Maggie Sawkins & directed by Mark C. Hewitt

Diving into the Wreck

Diving into the Wreck is a production made with a group of former addicts from Portsmouth, all at different stages of recovery and from a range of different backgrounds. Led by Maggie and Mark, the project aimed to provide an opportunity for these individuals to tell their own stories in their own way. It’s a production that looks at what’s lost and what’s salvaged in the journey of addiction, evoking its craziness, nastiness, predictable routines, dark humour and secret worlds.

Like Zones of Avoidance, this is a multimedia presentation combining video sequences, recorded voices and live performance … and with a couple of songs thrown in for good measure.

The work is presented live by Kieran Judge, Daniel Scrivener, Jane Muir and Patrick Seery with additional contributions on film and in voice recordings from Steven, Leigh Westmore, Elisha Westmore and Faith Rayner.

The video sequences were shot and edited by Matt Parsons.

K&D 4

Diving into the Wreck is now available for conferences, festivals and other presentations, and especially for organisations wishing to raise awareness of addiction.

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The project was supported by the Big Lottery Fund


Photos below from the first ever performance, in May 2016, as part of Hampshire Festival of the Mind.


With Billy Bragg after a performance at Erlestoke Prison, March 2017